Is Agatha’s husband sleeping with their Calabar housemaid (Week 2 of 10)?

Is Agatha’s husband sleeping with the housemaid? The episode started two weeks ago and continues here. If you missed the first episode, read it here now before you read the week two.

The Agatha episodes (week 2 of 10) continues…

Agatha slept only a few minutes that night. Instead, she fell into listless naps between meditations that left her more disturbed than rested. Then in the morning, she sat up in bed pondering over how to solve the puzzle she had just inherited. It was a cold Saturday morning of which the sun had chosen to betray the earth with its unfair absence.

She stubbornly held on tight to her conviction that something fishy was going on behind her back. What she came home to days ago was self-explanatory enough; the living room scene and her matrimonial room in a rumpled state suggested that her husband was messing around with some other woman in the house.

Agatha’s conviction

Her conviction seemingly right yet blur, she tried to weigh all the likely possibilities of who it was. Could it be Ebong? She was the one in the house with Eddie. Could it be one of the models who paraded her husband’s office? They come in different shades and sizes, and very beautiful too. But the rumpled state of her matrimonial bed readily pushed Ebong forward into the guilt centre.

She reasoned that her husband could not have brought just anyone into the room except someone within. And that was Ebong. She had access to their room and it wouldn’t have looked out of place for both of them to feel comfortable cheating on her in the room, on her matrimonial bed.

She sighed. Anxiety swept all over her, like an astronaut about to make a first trip to the moon on a rocket no one could confidently guarantee will make it halfway. Ebong and Eddie were having an affair and getting to the root of it will be her concern as from now.  

Ebong is pregnant!

As if mother luck was on her side, coming about too early, that same morning, while she helped her daughter with her homework Agatha noticed as Ebong ran out of the kitchen in discomfort and towards the toilet. She had her hand over her mouth, trying to hold back an explosion.

She hurriedly dumped her daughter and ran after her like a detective who just got a chance to pin down a wanted criminal. It was the moment she had craved for; getting to the root of it all in no time.

She had an idea about what could be coming. She had been there before. When a woman suddenly takes to her heels towards the toilet with her hand over her mouth, it only tells she is pregnant. That ordinarily should make the woman happy and her husband excited, except if the nest was perched on the wrong tree. Like what she was about to find out now.

No, I am not!

When she caught up with Ebong, she was done vomiting and was already cleaning up the whole mess about. She eyeballed her with suspicion. Then she went close to her and fingered her chin away from the mess so they were eye-to-eye. The question was apt. ‘Did you miss your period?” she asked, standing over her like a giant balloon and trying to block the door so she won’t flee.

‘No ma!’ the girl replied, a little embarrassed, and her eyebrows bunched like a nervous snake. She read the weight in her boss’s question and instantly took pregnancy off the table. “I drank some bitter leaf mixture early this morning before eating.”

Agatha knew that herbal mixture can truly upset. Yet something spread on her face that told she didn’t believe her. So she wasted no time in putting a call through to her doctor and demanding she come around as a matter of urgency.

Clara to the rescue

Next, she called her best friend, Clara whom she had hinted about the recent development in her home. She would. She and Clara had been friends for twenty-two years and the two of them will naturally confide in each other. Often, Agatha did more of the telling. And Clara was always never short of advice to give her on what to do. Her interference in Agatha’s home business was normal and very welcomed.

That done, she crashed in on her husband who was just settling down to breakfast. Her outburst pierced into him suddenly with a thunderous effect that made him drop his fork involuntarily. The cat had been led out of the bag now. 

“She’s pregnant!”                                                                                                                                                   “Who?” The man gave back, inquiringly, with a mouth cut into a temporary frown.                                “She! She spat out, searching into her husband’s eyes to fish out the uneasiness a man feels when caught hands down in something dirty like sleeping with the housemaid.

She saw nothing                                        

“Well, she’s an adult and she has her life to live.” The man’s frown had deepened.                                    “…And did she tell who is responsible for the pregnancy? ”                                                                    “Honestly, you should ask her!” She cut him off and walked away; purposely to debar him from muscling up a defense with his words. Clara had warned her against pushing too hard until she was sure of her claims.

Thank goodness, she’s not pregnant

The doctor examined Ebong for a while, staring at her tongue and holding one of her palms up close to her eyes. Then she made her lead her to her room for a closer examination. Agatha plastered a palm over her forehead while she waited anxiously for the two disappeared women. The consequence of stretching her mental side too hard on the development had built up into a very cruel migraine.

How long had this been going on? Did Eddy actually get out of the room with the ladder? Was Ebong in her room picking the dirty laundry a scam? Could she be pregnant for her husband? Is Eddy sleeping with her housemaid? She spat irritably and shook her head with disgust.

But the doctor emerged and announced Ebong was not pregnant. Agatha gave a sigh of relief and looked toward her husband. He seemed to care less about the whole nonsense. But then, despite the doctor’s confirmation, Agatha would still hold on tight to her conviction that the two were sleeping with each other. She will not stop until she gets to the bottom. She felt dizzy, and then she fainted.

Man to Woman

  • Never give room for outsiders’ interference in your relationship because outsiders may not be the angels you envisage they are. Either you or your soul mate may be the target and you may just be taking the prey to the predator without knowing it.

You will find my post on ‘how to guard against outsiders’ interference’ very helpful. Read it here.

  •  Never call in outsiders to relate your worries anytime you have an issue with your partner. Doing that is tantamount to spreading unfavorable thoughts about him. You will eventually forgive your mate, but outsiders, out of concern, will retain the issue and the position they hold on it for a long time, even without you knowing it. Agatha informed her friend, Clara, about the situation in her home. This is wrong and can lit a fire too wild to kindle in your business.