Why many beautiful women’s relationship don’t always last and what I found might help

Why many beautiful women’s relationships don’t always last despite their beauty standing is a necessary topic worth sharing. Why? Because you are a beautiful woman and I wish for you a healthy, blissful, and lasting relationship with the man you dearly love.

A lot thanks to Michelle Hammond for this post. I got the inspiration to write this post from her book, Secrets to a Man’s Heart, and I hope you get to read the book. You could log on to Michelle’s site to know more about her and her great books.

Now let’s dive in.

You need to be always beautiful to keep the fire of her relationship burning for there is a connection between your beauty and your relationship. Relatively, your devotion to sustaining and heightening your beauty will influence your relationship positively.

You don’t get it?

Let me explain it.

Thomas Eager found himself a diamond

On that D-Day you two first met at the mall, it was your outward appearance that wooed him; he got hooked particularly by what his eyes feasted on. In other words, men are first attracted to a woman by what they see on the outside and in return, a woman wants to explore that beauty-plus to her advantage. And the reason her beauty matters.

But here is the BREAKING NEWS…

No matter how beautiful you are, your outer beauty may not be able to bind a man (in his right senses) to you forever! Your outer beauty can only attract him. It CAN’T retain him.

One thing that makes all men men

Men have a distinct generic attribute injected by nature into their DNA that influences their thoughts and decisions especially if the concern is long term (like a relationship). It is the ability to exercise logical reasoning before their decision making (read my post on men’s generic traits here).

Your man, after being wooed to you by your beauty, will later on, at a point, choose to assess you out of the context of your dazzling outlook. He still needs your beauty intact so your beauty therapy devotion will always be valuable. But he only needs it now to feel good and feel proud among his peers. You had passed his test on a 45% scale with your beauty alright; now the remaining 55% must be earned based on something else for him to be bonded to you. The remaining 55% added up is what does the binding.

Beauty means much more than ‘beautiful’

Beauty is like two sides of a coin. Both sides are needed for an exchange. You need to give the two sides out to buy anything a coin is worth. So it is with beauty. Your outer beauty is one side of the coin and the other side is your INNER BEAUTY, the outstanding 55 % that does the magic!

Understand this. Beauty falls on two sides: your OUTER BEAUTY, which holds 45% and your INNER BEAUTY, holding 55%, and combined, the 100% is what BEAUTY truly means. Sad to say, a lot of women miss out on their inner beauty and just focus on their outer beauty.


No matter how beautiful you are, your outer beauty may not be able to bind a man (in his right senses) to you forever! Your outer beauty can only attract him. It CAN’T retain him.

Got it?

So I will always review and recommend some dutiful, top-notch beauty care products that help you nurture your outer beauty. Trusted and tested beauty essentials such as KULCBD‘s 4-step skin care system and a whole lot of others which you can always shop for here on this blog. However, that will only help us heighten and sustain 45% of your overall beauty standing. We still have a lot to do with the outstanding 55%;.

Now let’s go in search of your inner beauty.

Your inner beauty and your relationship

Attraction gets love relationships started. When attraction brought you and your man together at the train station, you were beautiful for him to be attracted to you. Then, you agreed on a night out together. The Attraction was still hanging in there, standing in your defense as a woman while your man continued to be mesmerized by your dazzling outer beauty. He smiled thoughtfully as he made for a bite of his pork meat, dreaming of relishing your beauty forever.

Then suddenly in between your courtship, he sat up! Something else had to matter, something deep and that connects with his being, something comforting and consoling, something to provide a base for his encouragement, wellbeing, and support, and your outer beauty can’t provide that.

The truth you may not know

Your man is wired to need three things from his woman: Encouragement, Wellbeing, and Support, and it takes a lot for a man to trust a woman to be able to meet these needs. In the same, you are wired to meet those needs by exploring the design of your inner beauty!

Now, your inner beauty is a combination of some purely distinct virtues deposited in you by nature. These virtues are either inborn or are developed and are particularly woman nature. The fusion and exploration of these virtues, combined with your outer beauty, are most times enough for you to enjoy a healthy, lasting, blissful relationship centered around a happy home. The virtues, quietly explored, will help you serve your man’s need for Encouragement, Wellbeing, and Support.

What now are these virtues?

Exploring your inner beauty

So, finally here are the expected fruits of your inner beauty! They are there within you and you could have found them. If not, you have to.

They are the reasons (most times) why a man will commit himself to a relationship and remain in it forever. they are:

1. Your genuine trust and willingness to be his partner all through the times

2. Your submission to his leadership

3. Your willingness to serve in his future aims and plans

4. The right use of your power of influence to ‘push’ him in the right directions

5. Your godliness

6. All the fives, plus your outlook beauty.

Where to start if you need a rediscovering of your inner beauty

I suggest the bible! Start out with Proverb 31, which informs about the type of woman God approves. Then, go for good inspirational books channeled at you. Again, Michelle Hammonds’ list of books are what you should be digging into. Not only is Michelle a God-led and Spirit-filled woman, but she also focuses on helping you improve your love-driven relationship just as I do on this blog.

Now beautiful, go ahead and find your bliss.