Is Agatha’s husband sleeping with the housemaid?

The AGATHA Episodes begin

Dear readers, I welcome you to Episode One of our fifteen-week online soap opera series titled Agatha. Down the fifteen weeks, you will find each episode very entertaining but particularly, you will find each one a useful resource as they give you deep insights for a healthier and more blissful intimate relationship.

I was careful to make sure these episodes cut across the singles, the about-to-weds, and the married women. Knowing how to prevent the worrisome situations presented in the stories from occurring in your relationship should be important to you. But on the light side, you have the opportunity to share your opinion about these situations with other women. You may share your opinion by leaving your comment at the end of the story.

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Episode One, Week One.

BLESSED WITH a beautiful family of three and graced with every good thing that made life worth living, Agatha couldn’t have wished for anything more than she already had. She and her husband, Eddie, and their daughter, Sharon, owned a five-room mansion in an eyebrow area in the city. Her daughter attended one of the best schools around and once or twice in a year, the family visited any country of choice just to replenish body and soul.

Last Christmas, it was Ontario, Canada’s capital. They holidayed in the peaceful community of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario’s most precious treasure. The year before it was Stockholm the capital city of Sweden. Life indeed was good for the Andrews and they readily flaunted it.

But despite the enviable good tidings, Mrs. Agatha Andrews nursed a pain; a pain worse than a ripe boil located in that treasured hidden part of the body. Her demanding banking career stood in the way of family and her relationship. Being the Director of Banking Operations at the bank’s head office made things even more daunting and sickening. She worked all day long, slept in bits at nights, and rarely belonged to her home.

Agatha hungered to be the typical, everyday 24/7 mom. She liked to bake cupcakes on a Friday afternoon while she awaited her daughter’s return from school. She longed for romantic time-outs with her hubby, signing in at the grandest five-star hotels in Lagos for a loose weekend. Particularly, she loved to share pictures on Instagram and breathe Facebook in leisure just like other hippy women in her class. But all these were fantasies her career won’t allow her to have. If she had a little time to herself, she bothered on how she can relieve herself of her miseries without falling off her career ladder, which was almost about touching the skies.

Bringing home the devil

In trying to find a balance, Agatha decided to get a housemaid who will walk in her shadow; someone to take care of the home, make the family meals and take good care of her two beloved ones while she is out at work. A decent, dutiful girl who is modest and good at cooking shall be her search tag and in this google age, one should get that handy by a click.

To start with, she cajoled her husband into buying the idea. He in turn, calculatingly to escape the domestics he always would help with despite his busy schedule, gave in without a problem. If Agatha knew the measure of joy and relief he felt inside for that request, she would marvel. So, giving his macho endorsement to the request, Agatha brought home her new housemaid a fortnight later.

Good, gracious Ebong!

Now, Ebong the new housemaid was sumptuously crafted by nature. She was about twenty-five, beautiful, and generously endowed with a dazzling figure with every component well aligned and perfectly adequate to make a man kneel. If she was Eve, Adam would have munched two or more apples to the detriment of mankind for God could have been angrier. She was barely educated, yet she wore over herself an admirable carriage that told of the Elizabethan age, and Agatha’s husband couldn’t help running his eyes all over her as she made for her room on arrival with her luggage.

Any right-thinking woman won’t bring Ebong home as a housemaid, not even if she was a nun. But Agatha saw no probs in that. She was too eager to fix all she deprived her family and she just won’t bother about what any typical, normal woman in her position should. All she did was to restrict Ebong from wearing anything skimpy, sexy, and sassy in the house. That settled, relieved, she mindlessly returned to her career, leaving the home to her new housemaid.

For about a year, everything rode on a smooth lane and it seemed Agatha was lucky to find Ebong. Agatha would come back from work to a well-run home, a happy Sharon, and a contended sweetheart, all thanks to Ebong. She cooked the meals and minded every other thing that was meant to be done. She was devoted and loyal and she proved she could be trusted. And to show her appreciation, any time the family went abroad, Agatha would buy all things the lady should need. By then, she was not a housemaid anymore; she had metamorphosed into a ‘sister’. Unfortunately, all that was soon to end.

Agatha came home early one afternoon and walking into her living room, she felt something quite unusual about her living room’s ambience. An empty bottle of Baron and two used wine glasses littered the floor and the sofa was rumpled. It was a scene well detailed you were certain ‘something’ had happened in there. More so, the silence of a house with just a man and a young lady with tempting, nasty lips is like no other silence. So, possible scenarios of all sorts swept into Agatha’s reasoning frame, especially that doing with her matrimonial bed.

Suddenly, like a wounded soldier who had five seconds to get away from a timed bomb, she took to the stairs with the speed of a cheetah, hoping to unravel a mystery, and flinging her car keys into the waste bin without knowing she did. Her heels hit hard on the floor tiles, churning out loud knocks like those of a tornado nail being hit by a carpenter’s cruel hammer.

She rammed into the door leading to the bedroom she shared with her husband, turned the doorknob, and… bang!

There alone in the room was Ebong. She was picking the dirty clothes due for washing and her boss’s sudden emergence had just scared her out of her skin.

Agatha looked around silently and deliberately didn’t respond to the young lady’s greetings. She looked into the closet, into the wardrobe, everywhere possible but found nothing. Then she picked on the window that looked down at her daughter’s playground. Sharon was there playing with the family dog, Sweden. Besides, the two best friends sat her husband, reading a tabloid.

She ran her eyes all over the playground for anything unusual. Her eyes picked on a ladder resting on the wall by the window, with its feet in the playground. What was the ladder doing by the window? It was not there when she left home for work that morning. Did Eddie get off the room to the playground using the ladder? Why was the bed ruffled and the pillows not the way she placed them before leaving for work? Who drank red wine? The questions kept coming in droves until Ebong’s voice interrupted her thoughts. ‘Auntie, how was work today?” Agatha looked towards her coldly and blasted, ‘Get out!”

Relationship Tip

Guard your relationship jealously and avoid self-attracted rivalry where your relationship is connected. There was nothing wrong in Agatha getting a housemaid, but her choice didn’t fit the context. Ebong was too extreme and though she may be innocent and harmless, she was everything in a woman to arrest a man. Men are unpredictable species and falling into temptation is a calling.

Sad enough, your man is no exception. Neither am I!

Is Agatha's husband sleeping with the housemaid?
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