my no-nonsense guide for a blissful, lasting relationship in 2020

The untiring ‘ticktock’ arm of the clock drew us to the end of 2019 and too soon, in a twinkling of an eye, we are here in 2020 with things we adore, amongst them our relationship. So, that gives birth to my topic ‘My no-nonsense guide for a blissful relationship in 2020’, of which I am confident will be helpful to you all year round.

Your relationship so far…

Let me ask you: how did your relationship fair in 2019? How much of good loving, tender care did you earn for your sweet self? Did you meet ‘him’ in 2019, or you guys had been together all ages just that the year gone had been the most splendid of all the times?

That man you call boo boo, how compassionate and understanding has been towards you? Did he explore your sweetness within to your very satisfaction? How did he fair in the ways a man should revere his relationship and the woman in the center of it? Was he the scary thunder-anger type who made you shiver anytime he came around? Did he yell you down all the time?

Did he play ‘double-dating’ on you during the year and did you catch him in the act? So, he cheated on you and it was a killer shock. It was like being hit with a sledge hammer and you hated him. Then, you forgave him. Then it happened again, and again, and again.

Your 2020 should be a special one. A year that is relationship hitch-free. A year in which you know what you want for yourself and a year in which if you can’t manage the excesses and garbages, you drop them!

You will need to take control of 2020 all by yourself. It’s a man’s world, they say, but you own the control of how you want to fair in the so-called man’s world. Here are my blunt suggestions for you:

What you should do about your relationship in 2020

1. Define your relationship goals. Start with an unbiased audit on your man. This should be easy to bear if you are single. If things are not working, back out without looking back (sad to say)! If you are married, by now you should be graced with the wisdom to cope with the outcomes you will find in your audit. Read about Gloria in one of my posts. Gloria is our best example.

What are the STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS that make him? You will notice his STRENGTHS are why you are still together. His OPPORTUNITIES are what you dream of sharing with him forever. His WEAKNESSES and THREATS are why you have frictions and they are most likely what will provoke the phrase ‘I quit!’ when you can’t condole them.

Read my post about men’s DNAs that are a treasure to master. That done, define what you want your relationship to be like in 2020 and get set to live by them all year round.

2. Put your emotion in the center of your relationship goals, but be ready to be in control of it. You have set your goals and now what’s next? Bring your emotion to the nucleus of things; because relationships strive on emotion. Don’t just dump it there. Be in charge it. By that I mean in control of it.

In my post ‘Fast relief for unexpected killer shocks in your relationship’ I presented the scenario of a soulful woman called Gloria who had control over her emotion. In that post are time tested insights on how to manage your emotion without loosing it. Read it here.

3. Explore your feminine charm with no apologies to whoever cares!

You are a woman and that makes you the boat ‘rocker’! With your feminine charm, you have the power to tailor your relationship to your fitting. Like all men, your man will roar like lions do, but you are the lioness who goes for the hunt and keeps the pride alive.

Your relationship is hinged on your outlook. Your charm. Your sensuality. Among others. Be ultra-gorgeously beautiful and be hot-sexy all year round. Be smart. Be closer to your man. Be romantic. Communicate. Initiate light times and be genuinely angry when you need be.

Read my post, ‘How to find balance between boo boo and God’. You will find it very helpful. I also suggets you read this post from bustle. You will find it equally helpful.

My heart hangs around you all through 2020. Best wishes, sweetheart.