Boost romance 70% by turning your bedroom upside down!

The bedroom is many things to the two adults in a relationship. It’s the place we connect, a wrestling ring with no spectator, no referee and the courtroom where final verdicts are stamped.

It’s the family’s top managers’ boardroom; the garden of Eden where the apple gets bitten, and the factory where those little angels and fat cheek clowns are usually conceptualized. Put in one bit, it’s a restricted comfy zone for two naked bears!

My bedroom

I wrote this post in the imposing comfort of the bedroom I share with my wife. I’m too connected with this special place in our home that I gave it the name Showplace.

The feel of my bedroom has everything to do with my love life. It heightens everything I do in there. Like my bedroom, well set up and looked after, your bedroom should inspire romance at all times and rev up the love relationship.

My bedroom theory

I think my bedroom theory should be where I start. My bedroom theory focuses on how the human sensory organs, stimulated by the environment (your bedroom’s effects in this scenario) can ignite the romance fire in your love relationship at all times (if not set you ablaze!).

While it is important to say ‘My Bedroom Theory’ is not based on any direct findings, I am confident to say it can be trusted. Why? It is what a lot many relationship experts preach without being theoretical!

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What My Bedroom Theory says

My bedroom theory instills that if the human sensory organs are fed with what are physically appealing and engaging to them, they are quick to communicate their experience to the brain in such a way that the brain in turn, swiftly pushes ‘The Gang’ (body hormones) to action in your favor.

If that makes any sense, creating a bedroom setting that appeals to your sensory organs should be the nut to crack. That is, what your eyes see around your bedroom, what your ears hear, what your nose smells.

What your skin feels and what your mouth tastes in there should be such that can swing your mood and shoot up your adrenaline for all time pleasurable romance and thereafter, create memorable moments that promotes and as well, protects your relationship.

Why you should take Bedroom Theory very seriously

Now we all know this happens: there’s a tendency for any relationship to lose the taste over time. Usually, it will be as a result of the familiarity of the years gone by, or it could be the busy lifestyle; so the relationship tends to suffer.

When these happen, BOREDOM and FRUSTRATION set in and unfortunately, you being the woman, and with a high gear emotion installed in your system, bear it more. Applying my Bedroom Theory can ignite the fire of a blissful relationship.

Again, you can download my Bedroom Theory here for FREE!

The human sensory organs vs the environment (the bedroom)

The EYE Factor: What the eyes want to SEE in there

– The bedroom colors.

My wife likes warm colors, and I like deep colors. But I discovered if creatively blended, both give the bedroom a feeling of readiness for romance. Let the deep color be at the focal wall of your bedroom and the warm color on the other walls, or use a deep color wallpaper instead of a deep color painting.

– The floor surface.

Rug or tiles? Anyone works. Rug instills warmth, more relaxation and restful sleep. It’s feminine, but not at all restricted to the man. On the other hand, floor tiles instill a touch of class, especially if it’s glazed and deep colored. Glazed black tiles have a sexiness and luxurious appeal that should work for romance and your relationship.

– The lightning.

Avoid lights that are too bright. They don’t do justice to your mood. Dull lightning is more of it and is not actually dull as the word dull implies. Think of bed lamps, regulated lightning, and color bulbs like red.

– The Compliments.

What about placing a giant size teddy bear seated on the floor by the bed? Colorful throw-pillows, the design and color of your bed sheets (My wife and I don’t like whites), and a gigantic wall mirror in your bed view. They have a way they push too!

The NOSE Factor: What the nose want to SMELL there

– Fragrance and Deodorants

Put your partner’s antennas erect. You should always have them and be in charge of them. Not only do they prolong the memories of those special moments in your bedroom, they always put you in the mood, and let you just adore each other. I personally love strawberry. My wife loves vanilla. We both go against lemon.

The EAR Factor: What the ears want to HEAR in there

I love jazz music. Other men say they like blues. My wife loves, loves,…and loves blues. The melodious flow of the music into your ears, in the atmosphere of romance, naturally will push your mood into compliance with fired-up romance. Just ensure the volume is low.

When you talk, whisper. Make sweet compliments and tease him lightly. They push too. And God help you if he has a baritone voice. Ha, Ha…there you go eating that apple again. In the garden of Eden!

The SKIN Factor: What the SKIN wants to FEEL in there

Touch is always a pleasurable experience in the bedroom, of which you (the woman) have the innate strength and design to help you two make the most of your moment. Your man may have the six-packs, a hairy chest, and a well-crafted beard, feeling these effects can submit you in the mood.

Likewise, your getting into bed in a silky or lace-lining lingerie, a beautiful, neat hairdo, and properly kept nails can rev up your man through skin contact.

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Copy that? Get into bed!

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