How to guard against outsiders’ interference in your relationship.

The first grudge my wife and I experienced in our relationship came about as a result of outsiders’ interference. 

It happened one of our neighbors told my wife’s friend (another neighbor) that I was seeing some lady in some street not too distance away from where we lived. We were newly married say about four months into the relationship. We were inexperienced, immature, and my wife was carrying our first child.

No woman, more so newly married, can afford to spare such information, and understandably the cheap rumor ignited my wife’s suspicion. So she took it in and decided to sabotage the oneness we swore on the altar to embrace. Worse still, she didn’t communicate her concern to me; instead, she went to her sister to pour her heart out. Meanwhile, I didn’t know what was amiss, so I couldn’t have been able to address the issue.

Thank God for husbands…

Now maybe out of the oneness my wife’s sister shared with her own husband, the troubled woman went ahead and briefed her husband on our situation. He, in turn, came around to let me know what had been going on albeit out of concern for our relationship.

I didn’t understand it. While the good man tried to put in a word or two, I fixed my eyes confusedly but with deep love and understanding on my wife like she was some UFO from Jupiter who just landed into the earth to find a cure. The rumor was certainly untrue, but my wife gave room for it in the first place.


She opened the door to her heart to the outsiders.

Welcome to the world of the outsiders

Outsiders’ interference is incontestably one of the major causes of strife in relationships, if not the next in rank after money. You must have experienced its wrought one time or the other, or it just has not shown up its ugly face yet. You sure also could have mastered how to put it in its place.

If you belong to the latter class, I say ‘good girl’, and if not, here I am to help. In this post is how to never fall prey to the nuisances of the outsiders. Yet, I won’t guarantee that! There are tendencies of its coming. It’s very natural.


Because you share space on Planet Earth with in-laws, friends, relatives, neighbors, hyenas, and vampires! Welcome to your ‘outsiders’ and they are the reason why you need my bla-bla-bla on how to guard against their interferences in your business.

You can’t do without them. They are like the oxygen you breathe; you have to inhale even while you sleep. They are not bad to share the world with either and you will always need them at least for emotional survival.

You need them… You don’t need them

In truth, a chunk of your life has to accommodate them. They help you get around the day and somehow, they add bright colors to your life. You know how you feel when you have a friend to chat with while you shop in a fashion store. Also, when you so need to share a little secret with an ally about some cute, angelic guy you bumped into after church service on Sunday.

But then, the one singular word is CAUTION. You need the outsiders, but you don’t need their interference in your love relationship. Period!

There are ways you can conveniently block out this virus and protect your love life from being corrupted! And that done without being offensive. So, I present to you in this post how to guard against outsiders’ interference in your relationship. But I also like you to know why the outsiders stink.

So we start there.

Why you don’t (ever) need Outsiders’ interference in your relationship
1. Foremost, because a standing Holy Order binds you to your soul mate. Mind your business!

Remember the ‘bone of your bone, the flesh of your flesh…’ bible lines? Then also: ‘Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife,  AND THEY SHALL BE ONE FLESH’. That’s the Holy Order and you guys can’t be any more ONE than that. Glued together with no cracks allowed. Said rightly, no outsider’s interference allowed!

God is interested in every relationship and to be involved will demand no space in between you and your soul mate. It actually takes FOCUS and JUST THE TWO OF YOU and God to make your relationship work. No extra luggage. Anything extra is garbage.

You owe God that responsibility to bear. Successful relationships are built on that principle. I think God really cares. Just complement His care givings by obeying this holy order, foremost.

2. Outsiders’ interference in your relationship issues can add negativity to them. Too many hands sour the soup.

Yes, very absolutely! Because the concern the outsiders show via words, though most times harmless, can lay a stone in your heart and ignite your subconscious into embracing doubt, suspicion, irritation, insecurity…, thus worsening the situation.

In turn, you become a threat to the oneness you were ordered to share (and they shall be one flesh). It’s like setting out to demolish the foundation of your relationship by your own self.

Remember my experience. I was accused wrongly, but my wife didn’t get it. Be it true or false, there was a threat to her security and that was all her reason to fight back. You are a woman and I don’t see you any different. No woman will want her emotion to be tampered with.

This is fair to you, but I will rather advise you to ignore the outside and work on the inside. When you have a grip on the inside (by exploring your feminine charm), nothing on the outside should be a threat.

3. You may be at risk of falling prey to the predator. Welcome home, dinner!

An outsider may not be an angel you envisage her to be, especially if she is a friend (I’m very blunt on this!). Either you or your soul mate may be the target, and you may realize you just walked into a trap by welcoming her interference in your relationship.

Life is a bet. Sometimes you are likely to find things in places you didn’t place them as you will see in Gloria’s story. Life is a bet, but the good thing about life is you have the unquestionable privilege to be on guard. Make friends and enjoy friendship. But don’t get too close and always watch your back. 

My point actually…

Always resist the urge to call in outsiders to vent your frustration anytime you have issues in your relationship. It’s nothing more than attempting to destroy a building with a bulldozer. Doing that is tantamount to spreading unfavorable thoughts about your man to the outsiders. 

You will eventually forgive him when the issue is resolved, but outsiders, out of concern, will retain the issue and the position they hold on it for a long time, even without you knowing it. The role they play just doesn’t make sense!

You two are ONE. Don’t leave room for outsiders to belittle your man. If you do, it will produce a poison within your relationship that will bring forth a harvest of trouble in the days to come. Most certainly.

How to shut down your hyenas?

Here are my three no-nonsense guides on how to guard against outsiders” interference in your relationship:

1. Always see your relationship as a major asset of your life. Position it in your subconscious as too precious to you to be toyed with by anyone.

2, Be selective about who you hang out with, and for those you hang out with, set boundaries. Draw the line by avoiding discussions that are luring. In other words, you must guard the entrances of your heart, that is, your mouth, ears, and eyes, being your possible links to outsiders’ interference.

3. Lastly, avoid being in an outsider position to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. They will appreciate your interference in their relationship at some point, and they will naturally expect an invitation to interfere with yours. 

I like this post on and I recommend you read it. It clearly buttresses my point. 

So, that\s it on how to guard against outsiders” interference in your relationship. 

Talk to you again soon.